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How to choose the best shared web hosting: 5 Simple Steps to Follow

Shared web hosting is very common when you are just starting your new website or it is growing website.

So, how to choose best shared hosting for your website. Choosing a shared web hosting is not that difficult when you know what you need.

You may be confused initially by hearing lots of jargon from different web host. It may also become difficult when you are very new to web hosting.

How to Choose the Best Shared Hosting?

By keeping this thing in mind, we have compiled few steps that help you to take the right decision in choosing best shared web hosting.

What actually you need in Shared Web Hosting

You may find very these step simple but it is the most crucial step to decide best shared hosting company.

No. of visitors: Every web master’s requirement is totally different. You need to look out what would be your daily visitor count.

The daily visitor will tells you how much resources you needed on a daily basis. You also need to see the growth rate of your daily visitors.

By doing such analysis, you may not fall for longer term. This may help you to settle for short term and then upgrade them as per your requirement.

Do you need website builder?

You may find so many web host advertise on free web website builder with a shared hosting plan. Though, this may not be your choice.

If you are already experienced web master or you know how to build your website easily, then this option won’t be useful for you.

But, you may also be a person, who doesn’t know any thing about website building, then this option would be a win-win situation for you.

Ease of use:

I find ease of use is the foremost thing one need to consider other than cost. Cost would be factor in a long run but simplicity and ease of maintaining your website is a crucial part as a web master.

To keep things simple and straightforward, what you need the most while choosing the shared hosting plan from web host.

I consider fully-managed shared web hosting that offer easy upgrades and affordable prices.

You need to compare shared hosting plan features

You may find lots of shared hosting plan features but not all features you may require for your website.

Some features you may find not at all useful, like unlimited domain and some features which you may require the most are not available like a CDN for your website.

This would be a trickiest thing for you to process.

List down features from different web host:

To make it simple, I would like to list down all main features from different web host. First, try to compare it one by one and then eliminate the one which are not required.

In the current scenario, you need to put up what you want the most and avoid getting caught in long lists and focus more on value.

Some features like disk space, unlimited bandwidth and free SSL certificate you might find out useful for your e-commerce site.

If you are a blogger, you might look for unlimited domain name for multiple website, email account and long term plan.

Be cautious in Web Hosting Price.

Web hosting price matters the most whether you are looking for short term or long term.

Current price and renewal price:

You need to look for what actually is the current offer and what would be the renewal price. Most shared web hosting plan has different renewal prices and this factor is what most of the users forget to consider.

Eligibility for low price:

While choosing a best web hosting plan, you should look for low price and its term plans. When you pay in advance for longer term, you may find price would be less on a monthly basis.

This would be tricky, if you don’t need long term and but you want in low price. So, you need to analyze the price accordingly.

Don’t directly fall for low price. Think, whether it is valuable or not.

Ease to use control panel from Shared web host

As most of the shared web hosting company provides control panel from where you easily manage your website. Look and type may be different for different web hosting company.

As a industry standard, cPanel and Plex are common but look may differ in different web host.

Some provide their own customized control panel, that may be easy to use or require advance skill to operate.

You should always keep a distance from such web host that requires extra skill to operate or need some sort of learning curve.

Look for Reputation and Uptime

Uptime and reputation is one of the prime factors that you need to check for different web host.

You need to look for user reviews, what they say about their uptime and how much they are consistent in providing uptime.

Look for graphical representation that easily compare. User experience matter the most and you may find some long term user.

Don’t fall in trap of 100% uptime, you need to look for reviews whether it justify or not.


I have sorted some of the best shared hosting provider that I personally like and use on my website are Inmotion hosting, Siteground hosting and Fastcomet hosting.

Above three, I find them very reasonable considering and comparing the above points we have discussed.

You may consider any of three but as I said earlier, you need to look what you needed the most.

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