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How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting?

Once you have settled for a WordPress website, the next step is to choose the best WordPress hosting.

Too much confusion arises between Shared hosting and WordPress hosting.

In order to ease it, I have compiled an article based on that.

When you are moving towards best WordPress hosting, so many factors are taken into account such as speed, features, server response, load time, etc.

Not too many web hosting stands up-to the mark. To get the most of it, you have to analyze it completely.

Most newbies often overlook WordPress hosting and settle for some cheap Web hosting provider.

Unfortunately, that approach will lead a website that not able to serve the audience need. In return , it suffer your business to a greater extent.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting

To make things easier, I have comprised a few steps that help you choose the best WordPress hosting.

Does WordPress hosting cost matters?

For most people, web hosting cost is one of the aspect they consider when choosing the best WordPress hosting.

But, cost factor may let you down in terms of features, quality and performance.

Giving everything unlimited is always suspicious. Don’t fall for such jargon. Nobody would like to comprise on profit and give you everything free.

Look for best WordPress hosting that balances everything, when we talk about pricing, performance and features.

If you are newbies or your website doesn’t need much features, go for low price WordPress hosting but still you need to figure out their server performance and load time.

If you have growing sites or want to see your sites growing, then you should not give much importance to price.

Do you require performance and security?

Server response and load time matter the most when you are serving a good number of audience.

Updated Infrastructure:

You have to look after the web host whose infrastructure are well updated, up to date with latest technology and give importance to regular maintenance.

Speed Up Your Site:

To speed up your site, server response is one of the factor. With poor configured server and outdated technology can never speed up your site.

In such cases, server interconnection, configuration and response can help you to load your site faster.

Uptime guaranteed:

You should look for 99.5% uptime guarantee. Uptime plays a vital role when you have large number of audience or if you have e-commerce sites.

Due to poor uptime, your business will suffer and also create bad impression for audience.

Bandwidth limitation:

Most WordPress hosting provides you very low and limited bandwidth in exchange of low price.

This may again indirectly cost you more when they start to charge you for extra bandwidth.

You should look for WordPress hosting provider that provides unlimited bandwidth without any limitation.

Look for features what you need the most

WordPress hosting packages are combined with so many features or add-ons that you do not require any time in your hosting period.

So, to choose the best WordPress hosting, you have to look for features that will suit your business needs.

Unlimited domains:

May be you don’t need unlimited domain but they have included in the package. So, look for WordPress hosting that come with a single domain.

Email service:

Some WordPress hosting provider has unlimited email hosting or some has limited email services.

According to the requirement, choose the best WordPress hosting that has email services that is in alignment with your needs.

Disk space:

Starting website doesn’t require much disk space but if your website has so many resources, images and pages then disk space may be necessary for you.

Backup services:

Are you paying extra for backup service or it was included in the package?

Have a look on the WordPress hosting packages because backup services is utmost important.

Looking for free domain:

If you have still not purchased a domain, free domain can save you lots of money on year basis.

Support system:

Dedicated support in WordPress hosting is very important when you are dealing with any sort of technical glitches.

Support system can understand your problem and solve it in one to one basis.

Support system should also be available any time, so that you would be secure and free from any risk that damages you website reputation.

Security addons:

Most of the reputed WordPress hosting provider give security as a free addons.

Other may charge you extra for any type of such items.

Any type of malicious activity and firewall protection will secure your sites in long term.

Familiar control panel:

You will find that some WordPress hosting provider provide customized control panel with very limited functionality and you don’t have any direct access to your root directory.

I will recommend general and familiar control panel that is cPanel and Plex, which is common for most of the WordPress hosting provider.


Hope the article showed some ideas what to choose and what not.

For WordPress hosting, I would recommend Siteground, Inmotion hosting, A2 hosting and Bluehost.

All four WordPress hosting are found with good server response, fast load time from different location, especially U.S.

I have also found they are reliable, having WordPress expert in a support system and affordable pricing for newbies.

They are providing somewhat same features, but again I want to say, look for features that you needed the most.

Price tally may differ, and also their commitment to long term plan also differ.

If you still have any specific requirements while choosing the best WordPress hosting, please contact me for more detail.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting?
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