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Shared Hosting vs WordPress Hosting: Which one to choose and Why?

WordPress hosting and shared hosting are one of the most common type of web hosting. So, the question arises which one to choose: Shared hosting vs WordPress hosting.

Choosing an appropriate web hosting is one of the crucial thing to decide. It totally depends upon in which stage your website is and what type of websites you are running.

There are so many other factors which has an effect while choosing shared hosting vs WordPress hosting.

We are going to discuss every points that can help you to take an informed decision.

Shared Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting vs WordPress hosting: In term of CMS

Content management system is one of the foremost factor when we decided to host a website.

Shared hosting:

Shared hosting allows all type of content management system (CMS) or web publishing software – like Dreamweaver, Adobe Muse, Joomla, Drupal and manymore.

As we can see, shared hosting is open to all type of websites. So, it is not optimized for particular type of CMS like WordPress.

Shared hosting would be helpful for those who are starting a website, want to experiment, or if their traffic is very less.

WordPress hosting:

WordPress hosting only allows WordPress content management system. WordPress hosting is optimized to work with WordPress website.

You will get regular security updates and your website is secured for any type of compromise related to WordPress CMS

Your website will automatically be upgraded to latest WordPress edition. Moreover, your purchased or default plugins and themes will also be upgraded as soon as they receive any updates.

If your website is based on WordPress CMS and growing fastly, you can definitely switch to WordPress hosting.

Shared hosting vs WordPress hosting: In term of resources and performance

Shared hosting:

Shared hosting resources are shared with so many different type of websites.

Though, the hosting is not optimized with particular type of CMS, it may slow down your website in some point of time.

Different content management system has different usage of resources, so it may effect your website when other websites having any type of technical issue.

Due to so many website in a single hosting, it may also slow down your website when there would be any spike in traffic.

In such above cases, I won’t recommend shared hosting.

But, smaller website or website which has just started up can go for shared hosting.

WordPress hosting:

WordPress hosting is dedicated to WordPress platform. Though, WordPress hosting is also shared but it is optimized to shared its resources.

As a matter of fact, very fewer websites are allowed to shared its resources, unlike shared hosting where unlimited websites are allowed.

In case of WordPress website with a growing audience can go for WordPress hosting, which has optimized resources and can increase performance.

Shared hosting vs WordPress hosting: In term of customization

Shared hosting:

We know every website is different and their requirement is also different. When we host a website in shared hosting, we need some sort of customization in server level.

When we upload a theme and some paid plugin that may require server side customization to run such applications.

But, problem is that our central control panel in shared hosting doesn’t allow any type of in-depth customization. The reason would be it may effect other websites hosted in same server.

This shows that shared hosting is not flexible enough to host a website that need any type of in-depth customization.

So, if your website need more optimization and flexible customization, I would prefer to go with WordPress hosting.

Else, stick with shared hosting, if your websites are simple and straightforward, doesn’t need any customization.

WordPress hosting:

As it says, WordPress hosting is dedicated to WordPress content management system, so whole resources are basically optimized to this platform.

If your hosting need any type of customization, they are free to do that because it won’t effect any other websites.

Mostly, eCommerce websites does require some type of customization to work with some plugins or customized themes.

If your website is typical in such way, I would recommend WordPress hosting.

Shared hosting vs WordPress hosting: In terms of security

Shared Hosting:

As we know that shared hosting allows all type of website to host, so their security features are pretty standard.

And, you cannot even customized the security standard. Moreover, your security plugin cannot uphold with such type of hosting environment.

So, if you need any type of added functionality that require some type of security patches or security customization, then shared hosting won’t be an option for you.

WordPress hosting:

WordPress hosting already having advanced security features for WordPress website.

Still you need any type of additional security feature or customization while adding any specific plugins, then you are free to do that.

Even, WordPress expert out there are ready to help you anytime for such enhanced functionality.

In such cases, definitely go for WordPress hosting.

Shared Hosting vs WordPress hosting: In term of support.

Shared hosting:

Shared hosting has typical support person which is common for all type of CMS or websites.

Also, you won’t get in-depth solution to your problem. Even, your website got stuck with some type of technical issues, it won’t get resolved successfully.

In such cases, if your website need any type of in-depth technical support, I won’t recommend shared hosting.

WordPress hosting:

WordPress hosting already having a WordPress expert, which were dedicated to resolve your problem on the spot.

Such expert can handle any type of technical issues or I can say they are trained to do it.

So, expert level support is a win-win features for WordPress hosting.

It is true that you can get better support in WordPress hosting, unlike in shared hosting.

Shared hosting vs WordPress hosting: In term of cost

Shared hosting:

Shared hosting is always economical for anyone who would like to run a website quickly with limited features and support.

Although, additional features require additional cost in shared hosting such as expert support, advance security.

You may also find many add-on in advertisement gimmicks which won’t be relevant to your website.

Other way in which you can increase your features is by upgrading to higher hosting plans.

WordPress hosting:

Although, WordPress hosting cost you bit higher than shared hosting, but it’s worth it.

Higher level of WordPress websites are always recommended to go for WordPress hosting.

Hosting environment in WordPress hosting is always equipped with feature-rich and dedicated functionality.

Though, you may also find some add-ons in WordPress hosting, but they are totally based on WordPress CMS.


In short, if you would like me to conclude it.

I can say go for shared hosting if:

  • You would like to use different CMS in single hosting like Drupal, OpenCart, Magento or any other CMS.
  • You are very limited to budget
  • You want to grow your website slow and steady or your website doesn’t have much audience to cater.

For shared hosting, I would recommend:

  • Siteground Hosting (More value in lesser price) – Highly recommended for shared hosting
  • Inmotion Hosting (Good for website with higher traffic) – My second recommendation

I would recommend WordPress hosting if:

  • You are only using WordPress CMS
  • You have website which caters larger audience
  • You want to manage WordPress website without compromising in security, resources, and support
  • Don’t want to mess with technical details in order to optimize your website.

For WordPress hosting, I would recommend

  • Inmotion Hosting (Most value in lesser price) – Highly recommended
  • Siteground Hosting (Good for website which has less traffic and want to start in low price) – My second recommendation
  • Bluehost Hosting (Additional add-on like SSL certificate) – Third choice for WordPress hosting

Hope, you liked the above detailed analysis of Shared hosting vs WordPress hosting.

If you would like to have any other additional information, please comment below or contact me, I would love to assist you.

Shared Hosting vs WordPress Hosting: Which one to choose and Why?
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