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SSD Hosting Vs HDD Hosting: Which one to Choose and Why?

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced webmaster, you always been confused while choosing a web hosting : SSD hosting Vs HDD Hosting.

Historically, HDD hosting is much  cheaper and has larger storage capability. Contrastly, in recent years SSD hosting has gained popularity because of its reliability and faster speed.

Knowing the difference between SSD hosting vs HDD hosting can help you make informed decision that fit your business needs

What are hard drives in hosting?

Basically, hard drive is a place where all your data are stored  and can be retrieved or written on when required.

The storage data includes your operating system in which your website is running, Software and apps installed help in running your website, website data which user can view from front end or browser.

What is SSD storage in hosting?

SSD storage in hosting is a reliable and faster way to store or retrive data from disk drive. SSD storage has a more advanced technology compared to traditional hard drive.

What is the difference between SSD and HDD hard drive?

Tradition HDD has reading arm (or mechanical arm) hover over the disk and it move around to read and write information from different location of a metal disk.

Conversely, SDD has no moving part. Rather, it stores data or information on interconnected flash memory chips or say microchips.

How fast is SSD hosting compared to HDD hosting?

In a industry standard, SSD hosting is considered to be at least 30% faster than HDD hosting.

The read and write capability of SSD ranges from 200 mb/s to 2500 mb/s compared to traditional HDD.

Since the technology is evolving, you may find much changes in speed as well as in data retrieving process.

Why SSD hosting is more reliable compared to HDD hosting?

In HDD hosting, mechanical failure is one of the risk factors. While running for a longer time, eventually it leads to wear and tear at some point.

As a result, HDD hard drive may fail and can make your website go offline without any notice until a new HDD is installed and the data are restored.

Whilst, SSD drive stored data in a microchip which is reliable and has no risk of mechanical failure..

How SSD hosting is faster than HDD hosting?

As we have discussed, HDD drive is built on moving part which has spinning speed of 7200 RPM. The speed of HDD drive is very limited which, as a result, has an effect on your website.

While, SSD drive has very fast disk spin because it works with interconnected microchip that can read or write data in a much faster way.

SSD hosting Vs HDD hosting: Benefits

Increase website speed:

When a website read and write faster,  it can be able to load faster in your web browser.

Slow speed of your website can effect your ranking factor.

Since 2010, Google considered speed of a website as one of the most important factor while ranking a website in a search engine. You can check your site speed by going to Google page speed insights.

PageSpeed Insights - BestWebHostingSolution

Google is committed for better user experience, so it is rewarding faster website in its search result ranking.

So, if you think in that prospective, speed of a website matter the most. In such a case, SSH hosting would be the optimum choice.

SSD hosting improves uptime:

As we have discussed, due to mechanical issues, HDD hosting is not that reliable like SSD hosting.

Technical issues in HDD hosting may lead to system failure. Soon your website will go offline and this may effect user experience.

Whilst, SSD hosting is less susceptible to system failure, which makes SSD hosting more reliable. Technically, SSD can maintain data integrity for over two centuries.

If you are thinking of less downtime, SSD hosting  would be the perfect choice.

HDD hosting vs SDD hosting: Cost analysis

It is true that SDD hosting is more costly than HDD hosting, but price difference is not enormous.

If you compare the above benefits, it is good to have SSD hosting compare to HDD hosting.

SSD technology is evolving and more cost goes in R&D. In future, you can see a much better state of SSD technology, so, it is true better technology always cost more.


SSD hosting always be a better option.when you compare in terms of reliability, speed and security.

I prefer Inmotion hosting and Siteground hosting, because they have recently changed all their hosting plan to SSD hosting.

Don’t lure for cheap hosting always look for reliable hosting, in which SSD hosting is one of the factor.

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