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VPS Vs Dedicated Server Hosting: Which one to Choose and Why?

When you have started a website or blog, you start with Shared hosting. But, as the time passes, your website grows and traffic increases.

At some point, a question arises in every new blogger; what is the difference between VPS vs Dedicated server hosting?

There would be a possibility that you have not yet planned to migrate to any other host. But, for future references you want to have a clear idea on other hosting options.

If your website or blog is currently in a growing phase or based on e-commerce industry, it is very important that you clear the confusion between Dedicated server vs VPS hosting.

Also, You may be wondering whether it is a correct time to migrate from your current host to any of the VPS or Dedicated server.

We will answer each and every question and clear all airs of confusion regarding whether to opt for VPS hosting or Dedicated server.

So, let start with when would be correct time for website or blog migration.

Is it correct time to Upgrade to VPS or Dedicated server?

Few points you should consider before upgrading:

Traffic Numbers:

To cater large number of traffic requirements, shared hosting won’t suffice much. Because the resources are limited and it may effect the user who is sharing the same server.

If you find your blog has seen sudden surge in traffic, hold on for a while before making the decision to upgrade. You have to analyze whether your blog is getting consistent level of traffic or its fluctuating.

If you find your blog traffic is growing steeply and steadily over a period of time, it’s time to upgrade.

Performance degrading:

If you notice that some pages of your website takes lot of time time to load but other pages load easily.

It means the server is not able to take the load. Else the reason could be the pages are loaded with  heavy stuff like photos, downloads, ads, giveaway, lots of comments, etc.

They all increases the size of page which in turn increases the load time.

If you find that most of the pages are heavy and it takes time to load, then you have to move to VPS hosting or Dedicated server.

Speed Issue:

Speed is the foremost thing which Google consider the most while ranking a website.

If your audience got stuck every time they visited your website, it means your server is not performing well.

You have to look for server which as more power to handle your website speed. Due to this you may loose your dedicated audience.

e-Commerce websites:

If you have started an e-commerce website, you need a strong performing server to handle all type of security and traffic.

Due to slow speed or performance of a shared server, you may face payment failure or load time issues.

It is advisable to migrate as soon as possible to a good performing Dedicated server or VPS hosting.

Now, you would have got an overall idea when to look for hosting plan upgrade.

Factors for Choosing VPS vs Dedicated Server:

There are so many factors to consider while choosing VPS vs Dedicated Server Hosting.

But, as a newbie you don’t want to mingle with technical things. So, you like to know few but important factors.

Basically, you should look for

  • Number of CPU cores – More the CPU cores, faster the server.
  • RAM – More the RAM, increases the load time
  • Storage/Disk space – Determine the storage needed as per the growth rate.
  • SSD vs HDD – SSD (Solid-State Drive) increases response time than traditional HDD.
  • No. of blogs or websites hosted – More blogs or websites, more resources is needed.

You need to analyze or have to do some math to determine the amount of resources you need.

Let’s discuss what is VPS hosting or Dedicated server hosting and how they contribute to your websites.

Option 1: What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is also known as virtual private server. It means a dedicated server is virtually divided into multiple servers evenly.

Each virtual server is separated and protected from other virtual server.

It means three things:

  • You are not sharing the same set of servers like it was in Shared Hosting. Here, you have been allocated with a  set of resources dedicated to you.
  • Their are no restrictions or resources limitation when your traffic grows.
  • Your performance will not get effected by others websites.

Furthermore, if you need even more resources, you can easily upgrade to higher plan withing VPS hosting.

What is VPS hosting

Option 2: What is Dedicated server?

Dedicated server, as the name implies, is a completed server dedicated to you. It means in that server there are no virtual server division.

The Whole Dedicated Server is completely empty and you can do whatever you want.

You have full control on your server environment. There is no restriction on any software you like to install on Dedicated server.

You need to look at the configuration of the Dedicated server and choose the plan accordingly.

Shared Hosting VS VPS Hosting Vs Dedicated Server

Comparison between VPS hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting:

There are so many difference between VPS hosting and Dedicated server. But, you will also find some similarities between them too.

  • Both options give you good control on your hosting environment.
  • Both options also put forward hardware choices.

Overall, one can assume VPS hosting as a lite version of Dedicated hosting.

In other words, you will be able to enjoy the premium of Dedicated Server at low cost in VPS hosting.

VPS vs Dedicated Server Cost Comparison:

First and foremost, VPS is cheaper than Dedicated server.

Obviously, when they put several customers in a single server, then they will charge less.

On the other hand, in case of Dedicated server, the whole server is dedicated to a single person. So, the price factor is on the higher side.

Whenever you  come across different VPS hosting plans from different hosts, the prices vary between $5 and it may go up to $150.

The whole aspect of this price range lies on the differences in the configuration of VPS hosting. The bigger chunk you get, the more pricer it will be for hosting.

On the other hand, if you look for extremely low-end Dedicated Server, the price you might see is about $30 or $40 per month.

But, if you look for quality offering, it would be around $100 as the starting price and it may go up to $350 or more.

Again, the quality of the server and configuration matter the most.

VPS vs Dedicated Server in term of Managed Vs Unmanaged Options:

Both VPS and Dedicated server can be further classified into Managed and Unmanaged options.

VPS divided into two parts:

  • Managed VPS
  • Unmanaged VPS

Dedicated Server divided into two parts:

  • Managed Dedicated Server
  • Unmanaged Dedicated Server

In an Unmanaged plan, the web host will hand over you the server. Next, you have to plan how to configure the server, what to install, which software to install and how to manage whole server (in Dedicated server) or part of the server (in VPS).

It means that in a Unmanaged plan, you have to take care and maintain your web hosting environment.

In a Managed plan, the web host completely manages your web server. They will look after the configuration part, maintain routinely, install or upgrade any software on your behalf.

So, from the above analogy, Managed option is for those who don’t know or aware of the technicality of the server.

But, if you likely to manage server of your own or wish to, then Unmanaged option is for you.

Also, you need to have a clear idea, what the web host will actually be doing in the Managed plan. Additionally, you need to identify and analyze how much task you can do of your own.

VPS vs Dedicated Server Operating System Comparison:

When you are looking to upgrade to VPS or Dedicated server, you have to choose between two option of Operating System.

Generally speaking, these two operating system are very common: Linux operating system and Windows Operating System.

Linux Hosting is cheap, secure and reliable to consider.

Windows Hosting is more pricey but you will have a better control on it.

You can go for Window Hosting when your site is based on ASP and .Net. You can easily get access to your server using Remote Desktop connection.

Mostly, in a Dedicated server, you have a choice on which operating system you want to install.

So, if you like to experiment and want to have full control on your server, Dedicated server is the clear winner here.

VPS vs Dedicated Server Security comparison:

Security is the prime concern for any growing sites. Whereas, it is found to be much secure in VPS or Dedicated server compared to Shared Hosting.

In Dedicated server or VPS hosting, you need not have to share your space with others. So, you will not face any trouble because of others.

However, Dedicated server has an edge over VPS because whole server is in your control.

You will also be provided with Dedicated IP address that will separate you from others. Because of no IP address sharing, you will not be misidentified with other sites.

You will have greater control on your Email Marketing as well as in terms of security for payments handling (in e-commerce sites)

VPS vs Dedicated Server Support Comparison:

As both VPS or Dedicated server are costly products, you will definitely get a top notch customer service.

You will also be provided with dedicated support manager who takes care of your queries anytime.

If you have found any web host that are not good in customer services, its time to switch to better web hosting providers.

How do you differentiate VPS or Dedicated server with other similar looking plan?

You may find find hosting plan that may look somewhat similar to VPS or Dedidicated server. But, they are quite different in functionality.

Cloud Hosting:

This type of hosting is quite familiar to most of us. Most of the web hosting service provider has a Cloud hosting plan as well.

Cloud hosting is the practice of hosting your sites in multiple server which are connected or interlinked to each other virtually.

So, the Uptime of your site will be 100%. Any thing happen to one server will easily get switched to another server.

It is easily scalable but found to be costly compared to VPS or Dedicated Server.

Generally speaking, a webiste blogger or small e-commerce sites doesn’t require cloud hosting.

Semi-dedicated hosting:

Semi-dedicated server is a powerful server where very limited number of clients are allowed to host.

But, you will not get complete access to the server. Also, you will have very limited access to resources.

The resources, which are available on the server, are shared by each client just like in Shared Hosting.

However, because of very limited number of clients you will get higher speed and high resource usage.

So, Semi-dedicated is totally different from VPS or Dedicated Server. I found VPS or Dedicated Server more secure and reliable.

Which Option is best for You?

My final thoughts on which hosting options you should consider opting for:

Choose a VPS Hosting Plan if

  • Your sites is growing and you want better accommodation for your sites.
  • Price is the prime concern but you want dedicated resources only for you.
  • Technically profound and can easily manage your server.

Best VPS Hosting: Immotion Hosting and A2Hosting is the best option for VPS hosting

Cheap Unmanaged VPS Hosting: Interserver Hosting and Hostinger is the cheap unmanaged VPS hoting option

Cheap Managed Hosting: Hostwinds is best cheap option for managed VPS hosting.

Choose a Dedicated Server Hosting Plan if

  • Your site is very big and has tons of traffic
  • Need best resources to handle heavy pages (like lots of videos, images)
  • You need more secure and more control of your hosting environment

In a Dedicated server, you will get dedicated Hosting support (24*7) and a dedicated manager is appointed to you to address any queries.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting: LiquidWeb Hosting and A2Hosting provides you with best world-class dedicated hosting environment.


You need to analyze and identify what is actually needed for your blog or website currently.

As a blogger or having small e-commerce websites, VPS hosting is affordable and can get almost all thing you require.

For a large website and big e-commerce sites, Dedicated server hosting will be best in terms of value, performance and security.

If you still have any confusion while upgrading or purchasing any new hosting plan, we are here to help you anytime.

Please comment below or for one to one communication, you can contact us.

We will help you to resolve your queries to our extended capacity.

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