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What is VPS Hosting? When and Why Do I Need VPS Hosting?

As your website grows, you need more scalability, power and performance and for which VPS is a very good option to consider. But problem is, when do I need VPS hosting?.

Obviously, you would be looking for VPS that is affordable, flexible enough for high traffic website, and that can give power to your websites to grow.

Unlike a shared hosting, where hundreds or even thousands of customer are sharing the same server, VPS hosting provide you with a section of server which is unique and belongs to you.

You are free to use your resources as you want, no restriction and limitation. You can even install multiple software or you can control the security measures.

Before we move to part when and why do I need VPS hosting, a basic and in-depth understanding of VPS hosting is necessary.

What is VPS hosting

What is VPS Hosting? In-depth understanding.

When you divide a physical server in separate section, and each section is isolated so that it will not affect other, it means it was separated as it was totally private.

So, in order to divide each section, they use virtualization software to partition physical server into multiple “virtual” servers.

So, when we combine the above two concept, the name come across known as “Virtual Private Server”.

Each VPS is isolated, so that it will not affect other VPS in any circumstances. Each VPS has an ability to install it own operating system, softwares and many other application.

Shared Hosting VS VPS Hosting Vs Dedicated Server

Through live example, if you like to understand then consider physical server as apartment complex.

An apartment complex has multiple apartment in the same building. It means so many people are living in the same building but has separate apartments.

So, each apartment has their own security and are not restricted to any resources. It means you won’t be affected for how much resources others are using and how much problem others are facing.

If you take above scenario into practice, then unlike shared hosting, each virtual private server acts independently which in return allow greater speed, power, security and performance.

What are the benefits of VPS hosting?

VPS hosting has multiple benefits for a website or multiple websites hosted in a same server.

Performance and Scalability:

Performance is foremost important for a good growing websites. So, as your websites or blogs grow, resources are enough to help you scale your performance.

It means you will get guaranteed performance as you will get dedicated resources like CPU, RAM, Storage, Bandwidth and many more.

Full control over your server:

Each VPS is setup virtually in such a way that it acts like a separate server.

You can have complete server root access, it’s like you are hosting on a dedicated server.

You have a control over on how to setup your server independently without any restrictions.

You would be the sole owner to start or stop the services.

You have the flexibility to install any complex software that you can think of.

Complete security:

Due to virtualization, each VPS is separated from other VPS. It means it is protected from any mishap by other VPS, but this is not the case in shared hosting.

Even, most of the web host offer dedicated IP addresses in a plan to give you addition protection from being blacklisted.

Valuable and less pricey:

If you have good growing websites, you easily afford a VPS.

You will get more value from the price you pay. Compared to dedicated hosting, it is much lesser in price.

VPS sometimes act like a dedicated server because you enjoy most of the privilege of dedicated server.

When do I need a VPS Hosting ?

High or medium traffic website:

When you have medium to high traffic website, then you need a VPS hosting because it will scale on such environment easily.

Need more speed:

Due to lack of resources, it affects the speed of your site.

As you are adding more and more content, it will slow down your speed.

You will notice it will take more time to process and load your website on a browser.

In such above cases, upgrading to VPS is the next logical step for you.

Website loading speed

Lack of resources:

As discussed, due to lack of resources it will affect your speed but other than that it will also give you server error like 503.

Server error 503 means service is not available. So, your visitors or customer can’t be able to visit your website.

This can happen due to lots of factors like not enough memory, bandwidth uses and many more reasons.

So, this would be the correct time to switch to VPS hosting.

Flexibility of using your own OS:

You have root access, you can install any software and OS. Such things you won’t find in shared hosting.

But, this privilege is only available in unmanaged VPS hosting.

So, choose the VPS hosting as per your requirement.

Quick note:

As you can see, we have covered every details of VPS hosting.

Now the question arises, which VPS is good for you. So, in order to classify it, I categorized it in three ways:

Beginners level (best cheap VPS option for medium size traffic sites):

If you are beginners and need some cheap and valuable VPS hosting, then go for Interserver VPS hosting (first month free and value for money) and Hostwinds VPS hosting (cheap and reliable VPS Hosting).

Intermediate level (for medium size traffic – reliable and valuable):

If you have crossed beginners level, then go Inmotion VPS hosting (my best recommendation) or A2 VPS hosting (my 2nd recommendation) which is a very good option.

Experienced and high traffic sites (Ultimate option):

For experienced, I would recommend Liquidweb managed hosting (most valuable for high traffic sites) and for WordPress user LiquidWeb WordPress Managed Hosting (most valuable for high traffic WordPress CMS sites).

Hope, the above discussion has cleared all your doubt regarding VPS hosting and you got your answer “why do I need VPS hosting”.

For any other information and clarification, please contact me or comment below, I will definitely try to answer your all queries.

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